You Know When The 'American Horror Story' Hotel Opens, But How Much Will It Actually Cost You?

Not a lot, tbh.

"American Horror Story" veteran Denis O'Hare shared this pic last Thursday on Twitter. It shows the rates for staying at the (in)famous Hotel Cortez, listing lodging options as "single room," "double room" and "parlor suites."

Here's a closer up pic, for posterity.

Single rooms are $30, double rooms are $65 and parlor suites are $90.

You can't beat those prices! Of course, the series is at least partly set in the '30s when James March (Evan Peters) first builds the hotel. So, the cheap prices make sense. However, given all the uber creepy s--t that's going to go down in the hotel, you might wanna save your money for something that, you know, won't end up killing you.

BUT WAIT — there's more!

Did you happen to notice O'Hare's appearance in the photo?

>> Gold nail polish

>> Gold bracelet

>> Black skirt (?)

Looks like O'Hare is dressed up as his "Hotel" cross-dressing character, Liz Taylor. As he told XFinity, "I am playing Liz Taylor, movie icon...I’m not actually playing Elizabeth Taylor, but I’m playing a person who is inspired by the awesomeness of things like 'Butterfield 8' and 'Cleopatra.'" Furthermore, when asked about Liz's sexuality storyline, O'Hare replied, "The jury is out on that one. I can’t answer that question, but stay tuned. We often don’t know a lot of things."

He also jokes about his new appearance, saying, "Many parts of my body are shaved." He left the rest to the imagination — at least until the show premieres October 7.


The many different faces of Denis O'Hare in 'American Horror Story.'

O'Hare's character works in Hotel Cortez's bar, and he shared this photo recently. (Notice the gold nail polish.)

Other than this info, we don't know much else about what's in store for O'Hare and Liz, but judging by his 'AHS' track record, we know it's going to be quite an amazing ride.