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Michael Fassbender's Brooding Face In Two New 'Macbeth' Posters Has Us Excited For Shakespeare

Something wicked this way comes.

Michael Fassbender, what are you looking at? Is it the ghost of William Shakespeare nodding in bro-like approval of your furrowed brow on the new Macbeth posters? Is it generations of women swooning over that same furrowed brow? Whatever it is, you just keep staring into that middle distance while the world prepares itself for the movie's December 4 release.

Two new posters for Macbeth, starring Fassbender and the gorgeous badass Marion Cotillard, were unleashed upon the Internet Friday and they make Shakespeare's iambic pentameter look more menacing than poetic. Fire, warfare, witches, all collaged onto the back of Fassbender's head and, on one petrifying poster, awash in blood red. Maybe all of those Scottish play superstitions are well-deserved. This looks scary.