This Robot Will Make You Pancakes. Welcome To The Future.

Perfectly programmed pancakes.

Let's face it: Making pancakes is a hassle. We all want a fresh stack of delicious, syrup-covered hot cakes, but making them it just too much of a pain. It'll be another bowl of Cap'n Crunch for breakfast. Sigh... if only there were a benevolent German robot who would anticipate our flapjack needs and create, with engineered precision, the perfect pancake breakfast.

Science is getting close.

Researchers at the University of Bremen have developed a robot that's learning how, based on WikiHow, to make you pancakes. There are still a lot of issues to contend with, however. Robots don't know that you need a spatula to flip a pancake, or that you have to be delicate with the golden, fluffy cakes so you don't crush them into breakfast oblivion. But progress is progress, and if teaching this adorable robot to make pancakes is the future or robotics, we're all for it.

Of course the goal of the project, called RoboHow, is to engineer robots to do all sorts of things based on human instructions instead of programming. Good call starting with pancakes, scientists!