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Captain Crunch Passes Deez Nuts In New Presidential Poll… Seriously

America is ready to be crunchitized, Cap'n.

The race for the White House has taken an abrupt turn, and we’re not just talking about Kanye West and Taylor Swift’s new co-candidacy.

Nope, it appears that one of the country (OK, the internet’s) favorite contenders, Deez Nuts, has plunged in the polls thanks to the emergence of a new candidate: Captain Crunch.

A new nationwide survey conducted by Public Policy Polling asked people about the “joke candidates” who have filed 2016 presidential bids with the FEC. The poll determined that Candidate Crunch now holds a strong lead with 17 percent, while Deez Nuts trails behind in the second-place spot with nine percent (GOT EEM!).

Rounding out the results are Beast Mode at 5 percent, Queen Elsa Ice at 4 percent, Butt Stuff at 3 percent, Cranky Pants at 2 percent, and Limberbutt McCubbins and ‘Murican Cookies each at 1 percent.

Deez Nuts first shot to viral fame when he began polling at 9 percent in North Carolina as a third-party candidate, even doing better than some (actual, legit) Republicans. But Crunch is clearly gunning for the win, even though you DO have to admit he has the added benefit of brand recognition, what with that whole breakfast cereal mascot gig.

In an email to Time, Deez Nuts insisted that, despite his plummeting poll numbers, he will NOT be running attack ads against Captain Crunch, whose real identity has yet to be revealed. “Plus, in the poll over half the people were undecided, and I was able to maintain my popularity with young people, where I beat him by 10%,” Deez Nuts (who is actually a 15-year-old farm boy from Iowa named Brady Olson) wrote. “That will be my focus group for the general election as well so it’s not all bad.”

However, it sounds like the survey numbers might be coming in a little less frequently from now on. According to Public Policy Polling’s Tom Jensen, “Polling joke candidates has been fun, but we're going to take a break now and stick to serious people like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Kanye.”