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Wait, Did Taylor Swift Just Become Kanye West's Running Mate?


Kanye West and Taylor Swift made amends at the 2015 VMAs, referring to each other as "friends" even as they recalled their classic "I'ma Let You Finish" moment. And they shared the stage for Yeezy's big Vanguard acceptance/presidential announcement.

It was all pretty awesome, but today, their friendship might've reached an all-time high thanks to a major Taylor Swift announcement and a sweet gesture from Ye.

Whoa! There's a lot to break down there. First, that's a pretty nice gesture, Ye. Way to be dope with the flower arrangements -- yet again.

Second (and maybe most importantly) did T-Swift just announce that she's running on the Kanye ticket in 2020? #KanTay2020 sounds like she's got a hashtag all planned out. We can already picture it all over pins and t-shirts at campaign rallies.

In fact, campaign shirts are already being designed.

Obviously, their friendship has now reached #BFF status. And to think, it all started with Yeezy snatching the mic from Swift's hands so many years ago. We couldn't be happier to see them resolve everything -- you know -- like great politicians.