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Stalker Sarah Is Launching An App That Will Have Your Celeb-Selfie Game On Fleek

Soon you can selfie like Sarah.

Meeting your favorite celebrity is something many of us dream of, but making it a reality is another story. Some of us are better than others at crossing paths with famous people and Internet personality Stalker Sarah is the ultimate pro.

The 20 year-old promoter and photog has had the celeb-selife game on lock for a while now. According to New York Magazine, Sarah started long before Instagram, posting pics on her Flickr account as early as age 12. But judging by recent tweets, she's finally ready to share her "stalking" secrets with her fellow fangirls everywhere thanks to a new app.

While she has yet to launch the app or announce details about its features, that hasn't stopped fans from getting excited about the possibilities. The hashtag #StalkerSarahApp has been trending since September 3.

We're such big fans of the idea, we hope the app will help us find Sarah for a selfie.

H/T Seventeen