Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

Even Andrew Garfield Worked At A Starbucks Back In The Day

Two Starbucks, actually.

Andrew Garfield, who possesses both beautiful, long, flowing, majestic waves of hair and a lead role in the upcoming movie "99 Homes," is just like us. Remember that espresso-scented job you had back in the day, slinging lattes at Starbucks? Yeah, so does Andrew Garfield.

As Garfield revealed to Jimmy Kimmel last night (September 3), he was once a 'bux employee at one of the first franchises in the U.K., an experience he admitted he had totally idealized.

"That's the John Hughes movie I've been waiting to live within with multiple girls reading literature in black-rimmed glasses and I'm gonna be the barista that woos them all and wins them all over," he said of his hopes for the job. "They realize over a period of months that in fact, the skinny guy is the guy to go with."

And how did that work out? Great, right?

"No, it's Starbucks," he said.