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Angelina Jolie Screams, Laughs & Cries In This Acting Class Video From 2000

Watch a 25-year-old Angie run the gamut of emotions in this vintage footage.

These days, we know Angelina Jolie as the picture of beauty and eloquence; an esteemed actress and director, devoted mom and wife, and inspirational do-gooder who’s braved many a challenge.

But once upon a time, Angie was just a girl. Standing in front of a camera. Screaming bloody murder with the wickedness of Maleficent.

For whatever reason, a 15-year-old video of Angelina in acting class hit the internet on Thursday (Sep. 3), giving us a glimpse of her raw talent and huge range of emotions. We see the then-25-year-old hysterical, creepy and charming as she screams, laughs and cries. It’s somewhat unsettling but totally riveting stuff.

Of course, there are so many questions we have about this footage. Where did it come from? Who was holding onto it for so long? Why release it now? It’s also important to point out that, if this footage really is from the year 2000, Angelina had already racked up a dozen or so roles by that point. So this clearly wasn’t some kind of amateur acting class; in fact, she went on to win the Best Supporting Actress prize at the Oscars that very same year.

In any case, though, it’s pretty fascinating to see such a young, fresh-faced Angelina proving she’s always been a legend-in-the-making. Now can we get some vintage footage of pre-fame Brad Pitt as well? Seems only fair.