Daniel Radcliffe Will Steal Your (Virtual) Car In 'The Gamechangers' Trailer

He exchanges the wand for a controller playing "Grand Theft Auto" creator Sam Houser.

Get ready to see a whole new side of Daniel Radcliffe.

In the upcoming BBC Two film "The Gamechangers," Radcliffe will play the creator of "Grand Theft Auto," the fastest-selling video game title ever. Of course, with success came controversy over the game, in which players use their avatars to steal cars, drive recklessly and cause general mayhem in the streets.

Some argued that "GTA" and by extension its creator Sam Houser were advocating for violence and lawlessness, and blamed youth crime on the game's influence. Bill Paxton stars in the movie opposite Radcliffe, playing conservative lawyer Jack Thompson, who was outspoken against the game's violence, not to mention its graphic depiction of sexuality.

Ready to see Harry Potter drop the wand and get to coding? Check out the first trailer for "The Gamechangers," below.