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The Definitive Ranking Of Young Girls Hitting The Quan Better Than You Ever Could

Cuteness. Overload.

"Hit the Quan," a song based on the way Atlanta rapper Rich Homie Quan danced on stage one night, has made it from coast to coast inspiring people both young and not-so-young to "get down low and swing your arms."

Amongst them are girls so young they're still in diapers learning the moves to the viral dance craze. You might have missed all the talent these young women and girls have (and we mustn't forget the adorableness of the youngest entrants,) so here's a definitive ranking of young girls hitting the Quan.

  1. Kat (and her daughter)

    Minus points for the mother stealing the show.

  2. Chris Brown's daughter

    Chris Brown's daughter Royalty got in on the fun. What she lacks in form she makes up for in cuteness.

  3. Brionna Shaw

    Friendship realness. ?

  4. Surprisingly Famous (with King Imprint)

    Instagrammer Surprisingly Famous joins King Imprint in hitting the Quan. Plus points for excellent choreography.

  5. theandreslopez123

    Friendship realness, part duex. ?

  6. Shervon King


  7. Sugar and Spice

    Girl dance crew Suga and Spice features girls from 11-17 years old, and as you can tell, they all can dance better than we ever could. Look at that choreography!

  8. Heaven King

    You knew who was going to win. With cuteness, ability and attitude, viral sensation Heaven King already has had millions of people see her dance at only 5 years old. Her last video dance to "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" has over 70 million views. #HeavenKingForPresident