This Hilarious Period-Positive Video Explains Why Tampons Are So Two Thousand And Late

You're invited to this magical period pool party -- no strings attached!

We've talked about the crazy cost of menstrual hygiene products and the general badassery of having a period, but what are some of the other options out there for menstruating people who just want to live their best bloody lives?

Well, that's why the menstrual cup -- a well-loved alternative to the tampon and pad -- is a thing. It's a clean, inexpensive alternative that you pop up in your "vajayjay," as this video so eloquently puts it, before going to take on the world. It's reusable, so there's no monthly ninja trip to the grocery store required.

Check out this video if you want an intro to the magic of the menstrual cup, but maybe don't actually use it after for a drink with your friends. Whether a menstrual cup is for you or not, these rappin' ladies (many in white swimsuits, yikes!) definitely have our attention.

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