Here's What It Would Sound Like If Jon Snow Read The Instructions For A Stick-On Bra

Amanda Peet: "Jon Snow is my dude."

Even when you've committed to spending your life forever and ever and ever with someone, as the traditional marriage vows go, there are certain lines that can't be crossed.

Amanda Peet's husband David Benioff, the showrunner for "Game of Thrones," crossed that line majorly when he killed Jon Snow on the show, as Peet explained on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Wednesday (September 2).

"I don't love him anymore," Peet said of her husband. The reason? "Jon Snow. I said, 'If you kill him, that's it.' I'm in the process of getting divorced."

She proceeded to prove her devotion to Kit Harington's character by doing an impression of his voice. For material, she used the back of the package for a stick-on bra.

"Slowly touch the nipple and spread down the breast," she read in her best Snowsian accent.

"I'm sorry, Kit, wherever you are."