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11 Things Kanye Doesn’t Understand, Bruh — According To The Internet

"I don't understand it, bruh!"

Kanye West's 2015 VMA speech is already in the history books as one of Yeezy's most memorable moments...OF ALL TIME!

It's become so instantly iconic, in fact, that it's given birth to a gazillion gifs and memes like this one that you've probably seen every second of every day since Sunday:

We've already got Kanye for President merch, cupcakes and now, thanks to some crafty folks on IG, Vine and Twitter, we've also got a list of things Kanye just doesn't understand, bruh:

  1. He definitely doesn't understand "Lifestyle."
  2. Iggy Azalea? No dice.
  3. Young Thug solo? Bruh!
  4. This reporter? Can't understand her, bruh!
  5. Magnitude? Where's that dictionary?
  6. Irido-what?
  7. Biggie's "Juicy" being remade by anyone? Nah.
  8. Math? Forget about it.
  9. Tests are even worse.
  10. Parents just don't understand, bruh!
  11. And what's up with them likes?