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Ariana Grande Is Teasing Something Major On Twitter And Fans Are Freaking Out

The moonlight festivities begin in October...

All summer long, Arianators have been not-so-patiently waiting for news about when Ariana Grande would bless the world with new music.

But now, autumn is in our midst. And — given Ari’s well-documented fascination with all things lunar and celestial — it only makes sense that she’d wait for the beginning of a new season to launch her return.

At least, that's the conclusion we’re forced to draw based on a series of mysterious, possibly foretelling tweets she fired off on Wednesday afternoon (Sep. 2).

The 22-year-old began by saying she’s “excited for the nearby future,” to which we were all, O__O.

But “nearby future” is a totally subjective, nonspecific timeframe, so she did us a solid and clarified a little further.

At this point, we basically started a countdown for October 1 (less than a month away!), and Ariana assured us she’s not trying to be a tease (even though she kinda totally is, but that’s OK). She just wants to keep us in the loop, like the fan-lovin’ star she is.

It’s also worth pointing out that she did send one more tweet, but it’s since been deleted — probably because it revealed too much. However, yours truly DID see it and can claim it happened, and some quick fans managed to grab a screenshot of it before Ari sent it to the bin.

Ariana has already revealed that the title of her album — and one of its singles — is Moonlight, so this tweet basically confirms that the album “festivities” will begin in October.

But does that mean we can expect the album or the single next month? Or both? Or neither? Ariana may have dropped further hints about that when she responded to some fans’ questions on Twitter yesterday.

She first revealed that the song “Focus On Me” — which she’s already shared short snippets of on Snapchat, and has long been rumored to be her upcoming single — would arrive first.

Not only that, but it sounds like she'll be announcing its release date this month.

And it might even be a lot sooner than we think.

Ultimately, Ari is still being hella mysterious, but this Twitter activity is enough to make fans freak the f--k out. Here’s what they’re saying about these possible new clues:

That last fan brings up a totally legit point: Ariana is a noted fan of all things horror and Halloween, so it'd make sense for her to celebrate this time of year with new music. Perhaps during a harvest moon?! Hmm... we'll have to wait and see!