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Justin Bieber In Nature Is The New Instagram Trend You've Been Waiting For

You better belieb he loves the planet too.

Lately, Justin Bieber has been cluing the rest of the non-beliebing world into what his fever-stricken fans have known all along: there are some true depths to his soul, guys, and his tearful, gravity-defying performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards was but a mere taste of the heart that Biebs is ready to sleeve up with right now.

For his latest reveal trend, he's been partnering up with the ever-popular Mother Nature, the ultimate selfie companion, to create a series of photos that show just how tight he is with the planet these days. Lush landscapes, choice filter action, Justin's rockin' new 'do -- it's all here for your enjoyment.

  • Here's Bieber enjoying the sight of the sun cresting the hilltops.

    He may or may not be shedding some more of those beautiful crocodile tears here, it's hard to tell.

  • Then he was like "hey, mini-mountain, I am IN you now."

    Just a man and his cove.

  • Even the Biebs can appreciate a good naturescape.

    He's waxing poetic with this angle.

  • And, yes, sometimes he likes to drop everything and lay in the grass just because.

    Thoughts. Many thoughts.

  • All this picture needs is a modern-day Ariel looking up at him with dreamy wonder in her eyes because he is the Prince of this little sea now.