Nicole Frýbortová / Ivan Savinov / YouTube

There's A Sport Called Artistic Cycling, And It Looks Insanely Hard To Do


Nicole Frýbortová can do things on a bicycle that most people can't do on solid ground. Frýbortová has been playing the sport of artistic cycling since she was 7 -- and at 22, she's a force to be reckoned with.

Though you may not be aware, the sport of artistic cycling has been around since 1888, when a man named Nicholas Edward Kaufmann held an event to show off his considerable skills on a bike. Interest in bike tricks evolved slowly from there -- the first official event was held in 1956 for men and later in 1970 for women.

In the course of six minutes of one of Frýbortová's competition videos, she pops wheelies, stands on her bike's handlebars and pirouettes in circles -- all while on a moving bicycle.

Check out Frýbortová in action below.