Anna Kopsky / BuzzFeed

An Artist Reimagined Disney Princesses As The Villain From 'Saw' And OMG WHY

Ariel wants to play a game...

Warning: If you opened this post while in a dark room, you might want to turn a light on.

BuzzFeed writer Anna Kopsky drew the iconic swirly red line of the doll from "Saw" on princesses like Belle, Aurora and Mulan. Then she imagined how their Disney stories would have gone if -- instead of the heroes they are -- they handled their problems like Jigsaw, the vengeful serial killer.

"Ariel would help carry on Jigsaw’s legacy from deep below sea level," Kopsky wrote in one caption, while Snow White would "team up with the wicked Queen to learn poisonous potions to use for future games." You don't want to know what would happen to Cinderella's stepsisters.

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