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Watch One Direction Bring Back Their Beloved Rendition Of The ‘Fresh Prince’ Theme Song

The guys covered the song for the billionth time at a show in Philadelphia, because OF COURSE they would.

One Direction are wrapping up the North American leg of their On The Road Again tour next week, and with a hiatus on the horizon, there’s sadly no telling when they’ll be back in American stadiums.

But fear not, Directioners — the boys are as silly, energetic and charismatic as ever, even with that much-needed break looming over their heads. Case in point: during their OTRA tour stop in Philadelphia on Tuesday night, they resurrected one of their most beloved covers: the ‘90s-tastic “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song.

Before we get to that, though, let’s back up a bit. This is a song that the band has practically exhausted since its very early days. During a radio interview in 2012, Louis Tomlinson explained their love for the song, saying, “When we first came off ['The X Factor'] and were doing live gigs, if any of the mics packed or any of the music failed, we decided that was going to be our get-out. We’d just start doing ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’ So then we decided to pull it out at a couple of the gigs.”

They gave an awesome freestyle version of the song in the same interview, which you can watch here:

Perhaps their most beloved rendition of the song, though, is the time they covered it for a French TV show. Looking like absolute adorable fetuses, the guys broke out the weirdest and best harmonies, as well as a button that spits out a totally strange “owww!” sound.

And THEN, the guys appropriately busted out the tune again in 2014, at the same stadium in Philadelphia. They apparently hadn’t practiced it in a while, according to Harry Styles, who said, “Shaking off the cobwebs, eh? That wasn’t rusty at all.”

So that brings us back to Tuesday night, when they found themselves in Philly again. “Do we remember how ‘Fresh Prince’ goes?” Liam Payne asked the guys, before instructing Louis to kick it off.

Unfortunately, the band wasn’t too pleased with their rendition. “We didn’t think that through,” Niall Horan admitted. “We needed to rehearse it.” Harry apparently agreed, shouting “It wasn’t clean!” before throwing his microphone to the ground in mock frustration.

One positive thing that DID come out of the impromptu, nostalgic performance? Niall giving his best Kanye West impression at the end of the clip, saying, “I’m gonna be president in 2020!”

Looks like Kanye’s got some fresh competition!