Robert Pattinson Randomly Shows Up At A Stranger's Wedding, Proves Black Tie Is Always Optional

Beard, however, is required.

All weddings carry their own special brand of sparkle, but a wedding crashed by Robert Pattinson does have a certain special (vampire) glitter.

The "Twilight" actor was staying at the same Belfast hotel as a couple celebrating their wedding last weekend, and decided to pop in and say hello, according to Mashable.

Black tie was very, very optional, apparently.

Wedding videographer Reuben Skinner gave Mashable the scoop on what went down.

"About half a dozen of the girls at the wedding saw him at the bar," he said. "The wedding reception was taking place downstairs, a few of the lads from the wedding had seen him and reported this back to the bride. They obviously went up to the bar to catch a glimpse of him. This was it really, they grabbed a few shots with him and then after thanking him he quietly just moved on."

Cheers to the happy couple. May their love be like a vampire: undying.