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Lindsay Lohan Recreated A 'Parent Trap' Pic, And Our '90s Hearts Are Bursting

Petition for a 'Parent Trap' sequel.

After 17 years, Lindsay Lohan finally returned to "The Parent Trap." Well, sort of.

Lohan shared this uber adorable photo on Instagram yesterday (September 1), captioning it, "Spa week really does wonders! ? #laprairieswitzerland #theparenttrap."

Despite the lighter hair color, Lohan easily still resembles the tween girl who played dual roles in one of the greatest gems from the '90s. She looks freakin' gorgeous in this photo and seems to have gotten her life back on track after being off probation since May. Good for you, Lindsay. You still got it!

Soooo, when's "The Parent Trap" getting a sequel? I don't care if a sequel doesn't really make sense for this film. LISTEN TO THE KIDS, BRUH!