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Justin Bieber Just Added Climbing Really Tall Things To His Résumé

His newest hobby is giving us secondhand sweats.

Justin Bieber's surprisingly emotional height-meets-hologram stunt from the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards has clearly given him a taste for more of life's peaks than its valleys.

We're talking about heights, guys, and his new obsession with staring down at the world from his rightful place above us all.

Ever since the singer made his tearful near-brush with the roof of the VMAs stage -- OK, that may be an exaggeration, but still he was pretty high up at the end there -- he's been posting pictures of himself perched up on extremely gravity-defying precipices all over the place. Guess washing out on the half-pipe all the time isn't as exciting for him anymore?

First, there was this shot of him on the steep side of what looks to be a farm silo, which he captioned, "We all fly."

First of all, we got some Pennywise evil twin vibes off that creepy cap, and secondly somebody get a safety harness for this kid already because AGHGJLJDF!

As if that weren't enough Tris Prior-ish bravery for one afternoon, Biebs then somehow got up into this tree that's, oh, only three or four times his height.

Bieber's obviously got an all-new kinda fever for being a little daredevil, and we are so going ballistic about the results right now. 'Cause we really don't want him to mess up his rad new '90s-tastic hair-do -- or anything else for that matter.

Just in case you're left saying "What Do You Mean?" by all that talk about his VMAs performance, here's the clip so you can relive the magic of that moment (again and again and again).