Instagram Direct Is About To Get A Whole Lot Better

Bring on the cat videos, friends.

Let's be real -- we all love Instagram, but the app's Direct messaging feature? Not the best. Now, all that's about to change, with today's (Sept. 1) announcement of a whole slew of improvements, all of which sound pretty sweet.

There are a buttload of cool new features coming to Instagram Direct, including: threaded messages for sharing with friends more easily, a quick camera feature, the ability to name groups, and even jumbo emojis (YES).

Still, perhaps the best feature is the new "@" mention tool -- according to Instagram, nearly 40 percent of comments include at least one @ mention. Soon, you'll be able to mention a friend simply by tapping an arrow, which will send the photo or video directly into your conversation thread. Nice.

Check out a preview of what's coming your way below.