'Pitch Perfect 2': Rebel Wilson Wants To Hear About Your Farter In This Exclusive Deleted Scene

Most of us have one. Some are loud. Some are quiet.

"Pitch Perfect 2" had 50 shades of belly laughs, but there's at least one guffaw that didn't make it to the final theatrical cut. Behold, Fat Amy's (Rebel Wilson) extended, epic fart joke.

Taking place at the car show where the disgraced Barden Bellas show up to scout out the competition, the sequence is banter like you've never seen it before. Poor Das Sound Machine member Pieter (Flula Borg) doesn't even know what's about to hit him when Fat Amy asks him about his father...or, if you're speaking German, his...vater. Which, in certain contexts, can sound like...

You'll...you'll see. Just don't spring a gas leak from laughing too hard, OK?

"Pitch Perfect 2" hits DVD and Blu-ray September 22 and is available now on digital HD.