The 14 Stages Of Reading 'Harry Potter' For The First Time

What do you mean you haven't read "Harry Potter" yet?

There are some people in this world who have never read the "Harry Potter" series. YOU MIGHT EVEN BE ONE OF THEM. (Gasp!)

Even though it's an all-time bestseller, basically legend status in children's literature, it's easy to write off the seven-book series about the boy wizard who went to school, made friends and defeated the Dark Lord, all while dealing with the extremely difficult state of being that is adolescence, as just that: children's literature.

But, hey, kids' books aren't just for kids, and even those who are reading a few years above the series' suggested reading level can get something (quite a lot of somethings) out of the series. Though it's common to resist Potterphiles' urgings to read the books at first, eventually, when you give in (not if, when), you're likely to experience these 14 stages.

  1. Indifference

    "Again? You're talking about this book again?"

  2. Skepticism

    "This is a children's book. How good could it be?"

  3. Reluctant acceptance

    "Fine, I'll give it a try."

  4. Determination

    "Mother of God, this series is long."

  5. Subtle appreciation

    "Hold on, am I...looking forward to reading a chapter?"

  6. Problem-solving

    "Oh! I got that the Mirror of Erised was all backwards! But whatever, of course I did. I'm a super-smart adult."

  7. Quiet acceptance

    "It's my book for home. No need to read it in public."

  8. Going public

    "Screw it, I'm taking this on the train."

  9. The undying need to know


  10. The first tears


  11. The all-night reading session to the end

    "Just one more page, then I'll put it down. OK....one more."

  12. Hardcore fandom and evangelism

    "You've gotta read this book."

  13. Depression that it's over

    "There's no more? I read the whole thing?"

  14. The re-read