Josh Hutcherson, Matt McGorry And More Explain Why Consent Is On Us

Your faves are getting real about fighting sexual assault -- and you should too.

If you're running through your mental checklist before your next hookup, there's one thing that you absolutely, 100 percent cannot go without. No, it's not breath mints or condoms (but, like, those are excellent too) -- it's active, enthusiastic consent.

With a little help from a gang of your favorite celebs -- Josh Hutcherson, Matt McGory, HAIM, John Cho and more -- this new video from "It's On Us," the White House' sexual assault prevention campaign, makes it perfectly clear that not getting that conscious "hell yes" kind of consent doesn't just add up to "bad sex." In fact, it's not even sex at all -- it's rape.

To Sign The Pledge And Find More Information On Sexual Assault Head Over To "It's On Us."