Watch People Rip A New One Into Horribly Sexist Dating Advice Books

'Because men know women better than anyone, right?' *eyeroll*

Need some dating advice? DO NOT pick up "The Shy Guy's Guide to Dating" or "Forever Alone Guy to Ladies Man."

Written by Barry Dutter and S. H., the BuzzFeedYellow crew reviewed both books in a video released Monday, August 31. The verdict was brutally honest: These books are sexist garbage.

In a chapter titled "Hunting The Easy Prey" (WTF?!), Dutter's book advises to "Keep trying. You never know when a 'no' can turn into a 'yes.' Ultimately though, it's her choice."

"When someone says no to something, it means NO," a reviewer responds. Yes, exactly.

"It's just training men to be a--holes, who are further told that consent doesn't matter, which is a huge problem," says another reader. Watch the full video below.