Big Boi And Phantogram Have Officially Made Their Live Debut As 'Big Grams’

And they sound dope AF.

Back in 2011, rapper Big Boi saw electronic band Phantogram at the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival in San Francisco. He dug them, so he enlisted them (and A$AP Rocky) for the song "Lines" on his album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors.

Flash-forward to 2015 -- Big Boi and Phantogram have officially teamed up for a collab project appropriately called 'Big Grams,' which is awesome! We knew about this a little while ago, but this past weekend at LA's Epic Fest, the group officially made their live debut with a bouncy song that some enterprising fans captured on their phones and posted to social media.

Phantogram also posted what appears to be a Big Grams logo to their Insta account about an hour ago.

And obviously, no supergroup is complete without a cool up-against-a-gray-wall photo like this.

Or an impromptu hey-the-gang's-all-here snapshot like this.

We are totally stoked to hear their album which, oh yeah, Big Boi hinted is "coming soon." Bring it on, Big Grams. We're ready.