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The 'Fuller House' Cast Is Vying For Zayn's Spot In One Direction

Quit playing games with our hearts, guys.

When Louis Tomlinson changed his Twitter bio to "1/4 of One Direction," we were devastated. After months of denial, the reality of Zayn Malik's earth-shattering departure finally set in. But rejoice, 1D fans! We may have just found Zayn's perfect replacement. Now, One Direction can return to a quintet and restore the balance of the universe.

On Sunday (August 30), "Fuller House" star/hair legend John Stamos tweeted, in response to his costar Bob Saget, a side-by-side image that once and for all proves that he'd be the perfect Zayn replacement in One Direction.

Have mercy! Stamos and Malik look nearly identical in this pic. The jawline. That hair swoop. The bedroom eyes (gasp). We can't even take it.

Neither can Uncle Jesse, tbh.

Sorry, Saget, but if you really want to be 1D material, you're going to have to step up your smolder game. That, and maybe learn to harmonize? Can you hit that high note in "Steal My Girl?" CAN YOU?


We know Stamos can make the ladies swoon, but he can also rock. In fact, Stamos has been rocking before some of the members of 1D were even born. Jesse & The Rippers were like the OG One Direction -- you know, but with guitars and leather.

Imagine a world in which Niall wouldn't be the only member of 1D strumming his guitar on stage! Isn't it beautiful?

We dare you to find a man more qualified to fill Zayn's shoes, Simon Cowell. DARE YOU.