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Chloe Moretz Is Battling Evil E.T.s In The '5th Wave' Trailer

Here comes the alien apocalypse.

The alien apocalypse of "The 5th Wave" is finally upon us -- and according to the first trailer for the movie, that's some seriously bad news for earthlings.

This first peek at the big-screen adaptation of Rick Yancey's novel hit the internet today, promising a brand new, action-packed franchise for fans to salivate over.

The trailer introduces us to our heroine, Cassie (Chloë Grace Moretz), and also to the end of the world as we know it, thanks to a bunch of invading aliens who most definitely did not come in peace.

In a voiceover, Moretz explains the movie's titular waves: First, an electromagnetic pulse that wipes out the power grid, permanently. Then, a tsunami that destroys a critical mass of earth's cities. Then, an airborne virus that decimates the remaining human population.

And then, the fourth and penultimate wave: Alien hunters disguised as regular people, out to hunt and kill the straggling survivors.

It is also heavily implied that the alien hunters have possibly disguised themselves as cute boys, as if this whole "evil extra-terrestrial invasion" thing weren't upsetting enough.

"The 5th Wave" follows Cassie as she tries to evade capture and rescue her little brother before humanity is wiped from the face of the earth, with the help of a mysterious stranger who may or may not be an alien, but who is definitely extremely handsome.

"The 5th Wave" rolls into theaters in January 2016.