Chad Pitman/V Magazine

HAIM Have A New Album On The Way -- And Some Even More Awesome News

Hopefully we won't have to wait 'Forever' to hear it.

On yesterday's episode of OTHERtone -- Pharrell Williams' Beats 1 radio show -- the HAIM sisters stopped by to talk classic rock, fake IDs and, oh yeah, the fact that they're getting their OWN Beats 1 radio show in the near future.

What would it be called? Why, "Haim Time," of course! (Maybe.)

No word on when the show will officially be rolled out, but the mere prospect of it is hella exciting. Truth be told, I think Alana, Este and Danielle could come up with an even better pun-incorporating title for it. They've done it before, taking Jimmy Kimmel Live by storm with Morris Day as "Morris Day & The HAIM."

The trio also mentioned that yes, they are indeed working on a new album -- the follow-up to 2013's outrageously good Days Are Gone. We can't wait to hear it.

In the meantime, we'll just have to re-listen to the whole show right here via Apple Music.