Rommy Kuperus / Instagram

A Designer’s Purses Look So Much Like Food You’ll Think You Can Eat Them

If you’ve ever wanted strangers to ask why there’s a zipper on your baguette, you’re in luck.

Rommy Kuperus is a Dutch fashion blogger and designer who makes accessories with a delicious twist.

The 24-year-old makes purses, necklaces and other jewelry that look remarkably like scrumptious waffles, bread, fries -- with real-looking dipping sauce -- and more. Though made of foam, some of these accessories look so much like food, your brain might take a moment to catch up with logic.

"I have always been a person who needs to make things with my hands," Kuperus tells the magazine Heaven Has Heels. "I like to feel different kinds of materials and work three dimensionally. I started my own line of accessories to show that everything is possible."

Look at some of her misleadingly mouthwatering creations below.

Keep up with Rommy Kuperus by following her on Instagram, peeping her Etsy store or reading her blog (that is, if you know Dutch).

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