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Yes, The Nicki Minaj-Miley Cyrus Beef Was 100 Percent Real

Real, real, real.

You know that beef between Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus that erupted at the VMAs last night? That led fans on both sides to question reality over?

It's real, an MTV press spokesman confirmed to MTV News.

Like really, really real, you guys. As in not a stunt or a trick or a brilliant performance of award-show faux-beef.

We get the confusion. After all, MTV has had some fun in the past with staged stunts. Remember Brüno literally dropping in on Eminem at the ’09 MTV Movie Awards? But Sunday's throwdown was no such stunt, as our reporters backstage and outside the dressing rooms can also confirm. So consider it official: the Nicki/Miley exchange was unscripted and real.

So while we know it was real, what we don't know is how it's all going to unfold from here. And with Nicki and Taylor's "Bad Blood" totally resolved (they performed the song together last night!), it looks like it's now Nicki and Miley who have something to work out.