Joe Jonas / Instagram

15 Joe Jonas Instagram Pics, Ranked By Utter Weirdness

We're going from 0 to 100 real quick.

Excuse me, Joe Jonas, are you OK? We've noticed some, um, weird AF interesting photos on your Instagram lately. So, we're just checking in.

We decided to rank some of the really weird ones, because why the heck not, right? Right.

  1. Inmate JoBro

    Joe listed his location for this photo as Alcatraz Island, which is a former prison in San Francisco, California that closed in the early 1960s. People can visit the prison for fun. Of course, if you didn't know that, this photo would look hella weird.

  2. Joe Jonas, emojified

    The weirdest part about this is all the poop emojis used to cover his face. Surely there were better emoji options...

  3. The "Daddy" Shirt

    This is kind of weird (mostly because of that rogue tongue just floating in the background) but since fans like to call celeb guys they love "dad" all the time, it's not that weird.

  4. Sailor Joe

    He captioned this, "Took this off the wall in the bathroom at the @usopen #moetmoment ?#drinkorswim." If he really did take it off the freakin' wall in the name of Selfie, then yeah, that's pretty weird.

  5. "Zoolander" Joe

    He's still searching for more to life than being really, really good looking.

  6. Grandma Joe

    He dressed up as his grandmother at the 2015 Kids Choice Awards, because reasons.

  7. Blue Man Joe

    Back in June, Joe joined Blue Man Group on stage during an episode of the NBC show "I Can Do That." He apparently spit on a painting, which is even weirder than seeing a JoBro completely blue.

  8. The Ryan Gosling shirt-a-palooza

    I mean, I love Ryan as much as the next person, but this is taking the "Hey Girl" meme to the next level.

  9. A photoshopped John Travolta trying to kiss Joe

    But, why?

  10. A photoshopped kidnapping, committed by Grumpy Cat

    False. Grumpy Cat wouldn't care enough to kidnap someone.

  11. The Diddy/painting/selfie thing.

    There's a lot going on in this photo, but it's important to notice Diddy isn't the "work of art" on display here.

  12. Discombobulated Joe

    This is all just too much.

  13. Disney princess-eyed Joe

    JOE, whyyyyy?!

  14. A Very Jonas Easter

    More like the Easter from Hell-to-the-no.

  15. Whatever in God's name this is supposed to be.

    Joe, you just took face swapping to a whole new level. Never change, Joe. Never change.