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11 Stages Of Waiting For The VMAs, As Told By An Adorable Dog That Should Host Next Year

Looks like you have a case of the pre-VMAs.

The VMAs are almost here! *Confetti and balloons fall from the sky* But, "almost" doesn't mean "right this very second," so you're probably experiencing some pre-VMA anxiety. Don't worry! You're definitely not alone.

Tinkerbelle the dog is in the same boat with you. According to her website, Tinkerbelle is a "Fashionista. Model. Actor. YouTube Pup" and was one of the dogs featured in Ralph Lauren's "The Dog Walk" model runway that partnered with ASPCA in 2013. Tinkerbelle is here to be extremely adorable help you get through your "The VMAs aren't on yet, and I'm trying to not lose my chill" struggles.

  1. Stage One: Enthusiasm

    You wake up and remember today is VMA Sunday, so you make like the Joker and put a smile on that face.

  2. Stage Two: Realization

    Today may be VMA Sunday, but it's only early afternoon — the show doesn't officially start until 9 p.m./8 p.m. CST.

  3. Stage Three: Pretend

    OK, now you have to wait a bunch of hours for the show to begin, but you don't want people to see your pain. So, you play it off as if everything's fine and dandy.

  4. Stage Four: Distraction, Part One

    If you're lucky enough to have the day off, you need things to take your mind off the fact that the VMAs are STILL NOT ON TV RIGHT NOW. Food is a natural way to go.

  5. Stage Five: Distraction, Part Two

    You gotta eat to keep your strength up. The VMAs will be both an exciting and mentally exhausting event. Prepare yo'self.

  6. Stage Six: Distraction, Part Three

    After eating all that food, you're probably going to be thirsty.

  7. Stage Seven: Glamour

    You've gotta look your best for the VMAs, even if you're just watching them at home on your couch. A pair of cute shoes is a must.

  8. Stage Eight: Narcissism

    Your outfit is ON POINT, so yeah, you're gonna take a crap ton of pictures. Everyone can just deal with it, because you look flawless.

  9. Stage Nine: Nacissim, With Friends

    Your BFF is gonna look super fly (as kids in the '90s said) as well, so commence more picture taking!

  10. Stage Ten: Relaxation

    It's the calm before the storm, my friends. The calm before the storm.

  11. Stage Eleven: PARTYYYYYYYYYY

    It's finally time for the VMAs. You made it. You successfully got through the day and the pre-VMA struggle. Time to sit back and enjoy the wild, crazy, insanely awesome show!