The Clerk Refusing LGBT Marriage Licenses Unwittingly Gave One To A Trans Groom


There's an interesting twist in the ongoing case of Kentucky's Rowan County Clerk Kimberly Davis, who has been refusing to sign same-sex marriage licenses in spite of the Supreme Court's history-making decision this June – and it's one that she clearly never saw coming.

This past February, she signed a marriage certificate for a transgender man, Camryn Colen and his pansexual wife Alexis. Presumably, Davis – who is currently petitioning the Supreme Court to be exempted from performing same-sex marriages, citing her religious beliefs – did not know this information when she granted the marriage license.

The couple made the decision to go public with their gender and sexual identities in an effort to push Davis into changing her stance. “[Davis] needs to understand that love is love no matter who it is: gay, straight, black, or white,” Camryn told BuzzFeed News. “She saw me and my wife come in as what she thought was just a straight couple that were in love and wanted to get married. Why can’t others be seen like that?”

So far, Davis has no comment, but we'd just like to say: