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Justin Bieber Can't Stop Kissing 'Britney Spears' At The VMAs

The "What Do You Mean?" singer is feeling a little handsy.

In case you weren't already losing your mind in excitement over the 2015 Video Music Awards, here's Justin Bieber piping in with a couple of tantalizing Twitter videos that just made the wait go from torturous to unbearably agonizing.

In celebration of his return to the VMAs stage -- and the debut of his new single, "What Do You Mean?" -- Biebs posted two videos on Sunday straight from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. In the first vid, Justin starts up conversations with the face cards for his seat neighbors, who include Bruno Mars, Kanye, and Britney Spears (!!). He gets a little PG-13 with the Britney one, so like, hide your kids:

In the second vid, Justin tries to get in on the Chrissy Teigen/John Legend marriage -- and returns to nab a "Spider-Man kiss" from poor "Britney":

Argh, can we just watch this performance, now? And when is Justin going to realize he's too much of a "Womanizer" for Queen Mother Britney?! #Jokes