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Joe Jonas Had The Ninja Turtles Bring Pizza To His DJ Set


Friends go out and get pizza with you. True friends buy pizza for you when you don't even know you want it.

On Saturday night (August 29), Joe Jonas became the best and truest friend of every single person at 1OAK in Los Angeles, when he had pizzas delivered for members of his audience during his Video Music Awards weekend DJ set. Which was amazing, by the way.

Even better? The pizzas were brought to the nightclub by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Which is perfect, because those guys know a thing or two about 'zas -- and about dancing to Drake too, from the looks of it.

And of course, they took some selfies together for Joe's Snapchat. (He WOULD be a Donatello fan.)

Nothing tastes as good as free pizza... especially when it's brought to you by a Jonas Brother and the Ninja Turtles, right?