Al Pereira / WireImage

Doug The Pug Should Be Zayn Malik's Replacement: Here's Proof

He's got the dreamy hair, for starters.

The Directioners have had quite the ordeal this year. First, Zayn Malik left One Direction, and people lost their chill. Then, the band said they were going on hiatus (with rumors of them breaking up), and people really lost their chill.

But thankfully, we think we've found the perfect Zayn replacement: Doug the Pug. All right, now hear us out. He's already famous (remember when he chilled with Justin Bieber?!), he loves his fans, he has fantastic stage presence and he can rock some killer dreamboat hair.

Still not convinced? Maybe you'll change your mind after seeing this masterpiece.

Just look at that form! So professional, so gifted.

Just think it over, boys. I can easily see Doug up there with you (minus Zayn ?).