Miley Cyrus And Baddie Winkle Just Fell In Bad Girl Love At The VMAs: See The Pics

Why does it feel so good to be bad?

Jay and Bey. Abbi and Ilana. Khloe and Kylie. Me and Chipotle. These dynamic duos all prove that individually badass human beings are elevated to supernova status when combined with their perfect heavenly match.

But as we learned via social media on the wee hours of Sunday morning (August 30), there has literally never been a more perfect human combination on planet Earth than badass neon goddess (and Video Music Awards host) Miley Cyrus with everybody's favorite stylish grandma, Baddie Winkle:

So. Much. Color! Seriously, someone tell me where I should be focusing my eyes. It's too much.

Anyway, these two stellar humans met backstage after Miley's latest rehearsal for the VMAs, and it was obviously love at first sight. Miley's squad took video of their interaction, where we (and Miley) learned once and for all whether or not Baddie Winkle has any limits when it comes to style (she does):

Petition for Baddie Winkle to star in Miley's next video? Anyone?

What will happen next in Miley and Baddie's newfound friendship remains to be seen, but either way -- know that meeting a major celeb did not impact Baddie's Saturday night party game in any way, shape or form: