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Did Jay Z Bless Us By Finally Joining Instagram?

Hov, is that really you?

Can it be true? Is Jay Z finally on Instagram? It took Hov long enough to join Twitter -- and he still uses that pretty sparingly -- so you can understand why we're having a hard time believing this.

On Saturday, August 29, a new account popped up under the moniker Hovsince96 with one single post - a photo of Jay Z and Michael Jackson back, baaaack in the day, accompanied by the caption, "Happy Birthday to the King! This may be my first and last post."

It's the caption, and not the photo that really sold us. Of course Jay Z would finally join Instagram, to send birthday wishes to a legend while simultaneously reminding us that he's too cool and busy to be worrying about silly things like social media.

Also, one of his friends and music executive Michael Kyser, posted an Instagram encouraging everyone to "Follow my brother @Hovsince96 ASAP!"

So, go ahead and follow Hovsince96 -- because even if he NEVER posts anything again, you've still gotta follow the King of Rap.