Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Reveals A New Swoon-Worthy Retro Peek At Her 'Wildest Dreams' Video

He said let's get out of this town.

The time is nigh, but not quite here yet, for VMA nominee Taylor Swift to make our "Wildest Dreams" come true when she premieres the video for her next single during the VMA pre-show tomorrow night (August 30).

Until then, we're left to listen to the track over and over, imagining the filmic sunsets and undoubtedly fabulous fashions that'll be featured in the video.

Or we could just stare at this sneak peek Tay dropped last night on Twitter, featuring actor Scott Eastwood, an airplane and an air of vintagey romance.

Um, swoon. Nice dress (possibly a jumpsuit?), check. Staring at the sunset, yet to be determined. (Hard to tell in black and white, you know.)

We would say that Eastwood looks like a James Dean daydream, but we've heard that designation has already been taken. "So tall and handsome as hell," as Swift sings in the song, also seems applicable.

Eastwood also shared the pic, calling Swift a "true friend." D'awwww.