Miley Cyrus Had A Weird AF Dream About This Music Icon -- Plus 11 Other Facts We Learned About Our VMA Host

Pigs and pizza, yo.

You think you know Miley? Think again. The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards host hit MTV's Tumblr Friday (Aug. 28) to answer fan questions ahead of the big night.

Check out every awesome detail we learned about our emcee MC below:

  1. She Likes Pineapple On Her Pizza

    It's the most wild 'n' crazy of the pizza topping kingdom, I guess.

  2. She's Primed To Get More Pets

    "deff gonna add to the collection! i wanna have as many animals around me as possible! but only the ones that like to be pets! not the ones that are meant to be wild! all my animals love be home with me =] especially pig pig she eats all organic lol," she told one fan who asked what animals she'd want as a pet. It's a straight-up menagerie, yo.

  3. She's Gonna Have Lot Of Costume Changes On Sunday

    "i made mtv add me into the show more so i could have more looks lol! so many coloooorsssss and jewllllzzzz =] want this to be the most colorful vmas of all herstory," she wrote. You want me to wait? Yeah, I can't do that.

  4. She Thinks Rainbows Taste Like Avocado
    mileycyrus/ Instagram

    Sounds about right.

  5. Her Biggest Goal Is Way Spacey

    "[I] wanna go to space or meet an a.i." Can we get NASA on the phone, please?

  6. She Dreams Of Bowie
    Michael Ochs Archives / Getty

    Miley's weirdest dreams? "david bowie taught me how to skateboard but he was shaped like gumby." Jealous.

  7. The VMAs Are About To Get Arty

    Miley says her pal Jen Stark will be contributing some "OG" work.

  8. One Of Her 'Miley Members' Will Make A Cameo At The VMAs


  9. She'd Be A Yoga Teacher If She Wasn't MILEY CYRUS

    Way zen, Y'all.

  10. If She Had A Super Power, It Would Be Awesome

    "[I would] take away humans judgmental tendencies," she said.

  11. Elvis Is Her Dream Dude

    She would totally take him to the VMAs.

  12. Her Spirit Animal Is A Pig, Naturally

    She would totally take him to the VMAs.