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11 Demi Lovato Moments That'll Have Me Drooling At The VMAs

Got a taste for Demi's performance.

Shhh... don't tell your mother. Demi Lovato is performing at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, and we're trying to contain ourselves.

OK, so, maybe you can tell your mother. While you're at it, tell your friends too. Much appreciated.

Demi will be taking the VMA stage on Sunday, and I've only begun to dream about her performance. Come with me as I imagine the badass moments Demi will be creating:

  1. She heats us up by getting cool.

    Demi's current hit is "Cool For The Summer," and that song would really warm the VMA crowd up -- along with The Weeknd's predictably steamy performance.

  2. She throws a pool party onstage.

    For Demi's lyric video, she went from town to town, performing at different pool parties and making a splash. Please tell me that there will be chlorinated water and floaties on stage.

  3. She brings out Sel.

    Since the two have recently been showing some love to each other and Sunday would be the perfect time to chill together.

  4. She will wear that bikini.

    Don't be scared 'cause she's your body type. This scene from her music video left a lot of jaws on the ground.

  5. She and Nick Jonas will live it up.

    Since Nick is performing at the pre-show, I'm hoping these two BFFs will have a moment -- whether it be hanging out backstage or meeting up on the red carpet.

  6. We have one of those 'YASS DEMI' moments.

    As we were watching Demi's red carpet walk last year -- in that gorgeous red Lanvin dress -- I heard someone literally shout out "Yassss Demi." She killed it then and she'll kill it now.

  7. She brings Wilmer Valderrama as her date.

    We need some cute couple moments. But you know what? If Demi comes solo, we're ~cool~ with that, too.

  8. She gives the hair-flippers of the world a run for their money.

    Her hair is shorter now, but totally flippable.

  9. She goes for crazy costume changes.

    No performance is complete without a totally outlandish costume change.

  10. She kisses a girl.

    Hey, it's the theme of "Cool For The Summer," right? And she could recreate an ICONIC VMA moment. Whatever -- I'd be fine with whatever she does.

  11. She wins an award.

    "Cool For The Summer" is nominated for Song of Summer category. You can vote with the hashtag #CoolForTheSummerVMA.