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11 Reasons Gameboy Color Will Forever Be Your Bae

Because who needs people when you have games?

Let’s face it: dealing with a significant other can be hard work. You have to go on dates (leaving the house, gross), talk to people (being social, also gross) and sometimes even dress up (not wearing pajamas, super gross).

Fortunately, I’m here to tell you that you actually met your ideal SO years ago. Like, a number of years ago, when your parents took you to Toys "R" Us to pick our your first Gameboy Color.

I know what you’re thinking: how could a Gameboy Color be my bae? Well, luckily for you, I’ve put together a list of all the reasons why you and your old school gaming system will forever be the OTP.

  1. It's customizable.

    You need that special someone to be just right for you.

  2. You can give it hours of attention and it won’t call you clingy.

    It might not be super healthy, but not every relationship is perfect.

  3. It brightens up your life.

    Or at least, the attachable light does.

  4. It will never leave you.

    Except when the batteries die.

  5. You can switch it out to a different personality when you get bored.

    Endless game options.

  6. You can dress it up.

    Pokémon cases forever. <3

  7. It’s always willing to go out with you.

    Or, better yet, stay in.

  8. It’s there to hold your hand in times of need.
  9. It helps you not pay attention to people.

    A good SO is always willing to help out when you don't want to talk to someone at a party.

  10. It’s old school.

    You might even say it's got that red lipped, classic thing that you like.

  11. It's fun to show off.

    Your Gameboy Color shows the world just how cool you really are.