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Of Course Jennifer Lawrence Danced On Top Of A Piano At A Concert Last Night


How did you spend your Thursday night? If your answer isn't "being an Oscar winner and dancing to 'Uptown Girl' on top of a piano at a Billy Joel concert with my new BFFFFFFFFFF," then it's safe to say that Jennifer Lawrence had a better Thursday than you did.

Not sure what she was up to Wednesday, but I have a strong suspicion her Wednesday was also cooler than mine.

Yes, Lawrence attended last night's (August 27) Billy Joel concert at Wrigley Field with her new writing partner/co-star/bast frand Amy Schumer, and the duo danced atop a piano while the music legend serenaded them with his classic song.

It was brilliant:

There was plenty of booty shaking.

Have you ever? We haven't.

Lest you think Lawrence and Schumer can just be like, "hey, we're going to randomly run up on stage," this thing was planned. Here's a vid of them rehearsing.

This one's a framer. Who needs a friendship bracelet when you have a perfectly silhouetted snap of a crowd of thousands loving you?