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This Classroom 'Harry Potter' Tribute Is Too Cool For School

Coolest. Teacher. Ever.

Harry Potter and his pals -- Hermione Granger in particular -- always seemed pretty excited to hop on that Hogwarts Express and journey back to school for another year of Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts and whatever else was on their magical schedules.

So, when this summer started to come to a close, middle school special education teacher Stephanie Stephens saw a fantastic opportunity to transport her students at James L. Capps Middle School in Oklahoma City to an all-new realm of learning with a "Harry Potter"-themed classroom.

Stephens told MTV News that she got the idea after successfully convincing some of her adult pals to finally read the "Potter" books and thought, "if I can get adults to be excited about reading using 'Harry Potter,' I can get my students excited about reading as well!"

She then put together a masterful collection of thoughtful decorations that any Potterphile can appreciate for their cleverness.

Consider us fully enchanted by this effort.

According to Stephens, this has all worked like a charm and her students are totally into it.

"The kids have all loved it," she told us. "Most understood what the theme is. Some had no idea what was going on and asked many questions. It was a shock to know some students had not seen the movie or even heard of 'Harry Potter'!"

"They have loved earning house points for their class and are excited about the activities planned for the year!" she added.

Ms. Stephens, our (sorting) hats go off to you.