russellmunro / YouTube

Watch A 'Transformers' Cake Casually Go From Car To Optimus Prime

Best. Birthday. Present. EVER.

A very lucky 6-year-old got the coolest birthday surprise thanks to his very crafty parents, who built and baked a "Transformers" cake that's basically a robot in dessert form. On Sunday, August 23, YouTuber russellmunro posted a video of the treat online.

The detailed cake starts out as a car, then swiftly morphs into character Optimus Prime. The birthday boy, who is decked out in a full Optimus costume, is ecstatic. Everyone "oohs" and "ahhs" while capturing the moment on their phones.

Watch the full video below, and if you want to try making your own fancy moving cake contraption, check out the behind-the-scenes vid.

H/T Pixable