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6 Punk Rock Shirts 5SOS Needs In Their Collection

You can never have too many T-shirts -- or records.

5 Seconds of Summer have great taste in music -- you can tell by looking at their shirts. Hell, you can even create a badass playlist solely based on their threads. But, you know, no one's wardrobe is ever really complete -- and nor is one's record collection.

Consummate music -- and band Ts -- fans ourselves, we have shouldered the burden of curating a whole new collection of shirts for our favorite pop punk dudes from Down Under. Check 'em out, guys -- and if you, the readers, want to add to your closets as well... well, that's kinda hot, too.

  1. The So So Glos
    The So So Glos

    I know you dudes think that you're the kings of the new broken scene, but I kinda think the So So Glos have already been wearing that crown for a while now -- I mean, just check out this handsome and eye-catching tank top and that broken record logo. Music... broken things... See? These guys have been living and playing in DIY spaces since they were practically toddlers, so you should totally snap up some tanks whilst blasting "Diss Town."

  2. Together Pangea
    Together Pangea

    OK, so basically I just want you guys to cover this amazing band's song, "Offer," but LOOK AT THIS SHIRT. Look at it. You need it. You can all buy one. It's OK if you all wear them on the same exact day, too. Everyone loves twinsies.

  3. Bikini Kill

    You guys like old-school punk and whatnot. Obviously you need a Bikini Kill shirt -- and "Rebel Girl" on repeat.

  4. Hunx & His Punx
    Hunx & His Punx

    You NEED to listen to all of frontman Seth Bogart and Co.'s tunes, but you should also know that Bogart designs all manner of amazing clothes via his shop Wacky Wacko. Go buy all their shirts -- including this rad one that will make your pecs look AMAZING!

  5. The Coathangers
    The Coathangers

    I think Katy Perry might like this one as well. The Coathangers are extremely badass, though, 5SOS dudes. "Shut The F--k Up" is a must-listen. You can blast it at any and all haters.


    You totally have the same pop punk influences -- at least according to their "40oz. On Repeat" video. Also this shirt is rad. Get one for me, too.