Watch Emily Ratajkowski Give Us (And Zac Efron) A Selfie Tutorial

Tip one: be super gorgeous!

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

In the new movie "We Are Your Friends," millennial electronic dance music (EDM) culture is at the forefront. So when stars Zac Efron and Emily Ratajkowski -- along with director-slash-"Catfish" guru Max Joseph -- chatted with MTV News ahead of the film's release, we just had to ask about the most millennial thing of all: the selfie.

"I'm just learning," Efron admitted. "Max might take the most... but I read a study, if you like, started doing it before a certain age, and you take a certain amount, there's like, an equation to you being a sociopath."

But all sociopathy aside, Efron seemed pretty interested when Ratajkowski, the best selfie taker of the group, offered up a tutorial:

"We Are Your Friends" hits theaters on August 28.