9 Iconic Movie Moments That Alex Mack Could Have Totally Fixed

Wearing a hat is optional.

Spider-Man's web-slinging is cool and Storm's weather abilities are amazing, but you know who had the best superpowers of ALL time? Alex Mack, the titular heroine of the "Secret World Of Alex Mack." Girl could turn into a puddle like no other.


But that's not all! Over the course of four seasons, Alex (played by the amazing, hat-wearing Larisa Oleynik) got do to some really awesome stuff. For example, she had the power to move objects with her mind and shoot electricity out of her fingers.


And, of course, she was great at glowing bright orange. Okay, maybe that one's not so useful, but it sure looked cool.


Admit it, every single movie in existence would be better if somebody in it had Alex Mack's exact same power set -- but nowhere is that more obvious than in these nine movies, where Alex and her awesome hats could have solved some pretty major problems.

  1. "Twilight"

    Bella wouldn't be half as clumsy if she could just telepathically move all the stuff she's going to crash into out of the way -- and she wouldn't have gotten killed like, eight times and needed constant saving from Edward. That should really have been her vampire power at the end of the series when you think about it.

  2. "Mean Girls"

    Pretty much any high school rivalry can be ended with the power to telekinetically make someone's hair way too static, like Alex Mack did that one time to a classmate. And Regina's is insured for $10,000, so it's actually a win-win for everyone involved. No foot cream needed!

  3. "Cinderella"

    Got locked in a room by your evil wicked stepmother so you can't be with your true love? No worries, you can totally puddle yourself out of that situation.

  4. "Back To The Future"

    Who needs to wait for a thunderstorm to power your time machine? Not Alex Mack, that's for sure.

  5. "American Pie"

    Having sex with a pie when someone walks in on you? They'll never know, because now you're a puddle. The pie's still ruined, but it's not your fault anymore -- it's whoever spilled a bottle of water all over the pie that's to blame!

  6. "Psycho"

    The perfect escape plan for someone who's being attacked in a shower -- turn into a puddle and slip right down the drain. Take that, Norman Bates!

  7. "Lord Of The Rings"

    Who needs the light of Eärendil's star when your whole face can light up like a Christmas tree? Plus, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say electricity powers and telekinesis can beat a giant spider. Just my opinion.

  8. "There's Something About Mary"

    You wouldn't have to try to resuscitate a dog with a lamp cord and set fire to you if you could just shock him with electricity powers.

  9. "Superbad"
    Sony Pictures

    Punch somebody in the boob accidentally? Quick, turn into a puddle and slink away before they can react! Problem solved. Totally foolproof.